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Neuroscience informed Resilience
equips you with the ability to improve and maintain physical, emotional and mental health.

Deep Trance Meditation Training to develop
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Heightened focused attention
  • Deep trance state
  • Profound Meditation
  • Effective Self- Hypnosis
Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation (Engagement Training) to develop 
  • Being your best in challenging circumstances 
  • Effective intervention for acute stress and anxiety
  • Heart rate variability training to enhance life rhythms and adaptability 
  • Health improvement
  • Improved physical, emotional, mental and social health
  • Stress and anxiety reduction, improvement of mood 
  • Improved emotion regulation 
  • Improved performance under duress 
  • Improved sleep (increased deep sleep & REM sleep)
  • Change your beliefs, thoughts, emotional responses and behaviour  
  • Identify and achieve your personal, professional and personal development goals 
  • Implement your goals successfully  
  • Workshop with two facilitators for up to 12 particpants 
  • Three session of three hours each, one and two weeks apart 
  • Plenum and small group work 
  • Workshops will take place on Zoom
Training material: 
  • Course material 
  • Meditation Manual
  • Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation Manual
  • Guided meditation recording (training tool)
  • Breath pacer (training tool)