Through instructions and guided meditation you will learn to develop profound relaxation, focus and trance skills for improvement and maintenance of good physical and emotional health.

After a few weeks of 20 minutes daily practice you will be able to access a profound meditative activity, deep relaxation, high focused attention and profound trance.

You will also be able to enter at any time and at will into an energising state of engagement, and flow, when under pressure.

On a physiological level you may see the following changes:

Deep Trance Meditation (DTM):

activates your parasympathetic nervous system through deep relaxation. This can help to reduce chronic inflammation, chronic pain perception, and will improves depth of sleep. 

Due to the profound depth of relaxation, physiological changes can be achieved that are more far reaching than in mindfulness meditation or Coherence Training.  

Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation (RFB)

activates both, sympathetic (alert, mobile and competing) and parasympathetic nervous system (recover, tending and befriending) and brings their activity into rhythm and balance. This helps to access and maintain flow state and peak performance under pressure. 

On an emotional level you may see the following changes:

Deep Trance Meditation (DTM):

may reduce negative stress, anxiety, anger, irritability and can lift mood and promote health and productivity. It allows us to stay calm, composed, vigilant and optimally responsive when challenged. 

Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation (RFB): 

optimises emotion regulation and helps maintain health and best performance under duress. 

Profound trance combined with strong suggestions

can help to change beliefs, thought patterns, emotional responses and unhelpful behaviours. This can bring about profound change of self and life, and can improve productivity, creativity and performance. 

It assists you in finding your life's purpose and harmonic goals for personal and professional development and assists you in successfully implementing them.Trance states can also be used for self- development and to access spiritual experiences.

Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation (RFB)

helps to reduce stress, anxiety and to improve mood, and to make good judgements, decisions and take constructive actions.