Through instructions and guided meditation you will learn to develop profound relaxation, focus and trance skills for improvement and maintenance of good physical and emotional health.

After a few weeks of 20 minutes daily practice you will be able to access a profound meditative activity, deep relaxation, high focused attention and profound trance.

You will also be able to enter at any time and at will into an energising state of engagement, flow and sustainable peak performance, even when you are under short or long lasting pressure, with the help of the Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation. 

On a physiological level you will activate your parasympathetic nervous system through deep relaxation. The increase in parasympathetic activity reduces chronic inflammation, reduces chronic pain perception, and improves depth of sleep. Due to the usual depth of relaxation, physiological changes can be achieved that are more far reaching than in mindfulness meditation or Coherence Training for example. The depth of relaxation is achieved by using elements of a hypnosis induction.

Through Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation you will activate both, sympathetic (alert, mobile and competing) and parasympathetic nervous system (recover, tending and befriending) and bring their activity into rhythm and balance. This is achieved through a breathing meditation, that creates heart rate viability patterns which resemble physiological patterns that are usually found during engagement, flow state, being in the zone and positive emotional and peak experiences. 

On an emotional level, deep relaxation and coherence training have been shown to reduce negative stress, anxiety, anger, irritability and can lift mood and promote health and sustainable peak performance under short and long term pressure. It allows us to stay calm, composed, vigilant and optimally adaptive in our behaviour during acute or long lasting challenging circumstances.

Coherence training optimises emotion regulation and allows levels of arousal and vigilance to be optimally adapted to challenges that are being met in day-to-day professional and personal life. 

Profound trance combined with strong suggestions can help to change beliefs, thought patterns, emotional responses and unhelpful behaviours. It creates an alignment between your higher Self and your conscious and subconscious mind. This alignment can bring about profound change of self and life, fast and with ease, and can improve productivity, creativity and performance. It assists you in finding your life's purpose and harmonic goals for personal and professional development and assists you in successfully implementing them.

Trance states can also be used for self- development and to access spiritual experiences, if desired.

Coherence training (resonant frequency training) is a breathing meditation, that helps us to enter into and maintain a state of sustainable peak performance and its underlying physiological pattern at will, whenever we need to. It gives us a tool to reduce stress, anxiety and to improve mood, and to maintain good judgement, decisions making and constructive actions in critical situations. This happens by training our capacity to effectively regulate our emotions.