In three sessions of 3 hours, which are 1 and 2 weeks apart, you will be introduced to the neuroscience and psychology of relaxation, meditation, hypnotic trance and resonance frequency (HRV) training, a distinct breathing meditation.

You will learn how to acknowledge the different stages of hypnotic trance and how to achieve them through meditation, self- hypnosis, and conditioning.

Initially you will be experiencing this guided training meditation and the Coherence Training (Resonant Frequency Training) in online sessions.

You will be able to access the course material and our workshop manual.

And you will be able to practice with the Trance Meditation recording (MP3) and the Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation with the Breath Pacer.

You will be able to exchange experiences in small groups and plenum.

There will be up to  12 participants in the group. .

Cost for the training: £ 200 (Three 3-hour sessions).

Apply for workshop participation by emailing us via the 'Contact Us' form on this website.