Neuroscience informed Resilience Workshops

Deep Trance Meditation
Deep Relaxation Training
Resonance Frequency Breathing

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Neuroscience informed Resilience
equips you with the ability to improve and maintain physical, emotional and mental health.

Deep Trance Meditation Training to develop
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Heightened focused attention
  • Deep trance state
  • Profound Meditation
  • Effective Self- Hypnosis
Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation (Engagement Training) to develop 
  • Being your best in challenging circumstances 
  • Effective intervention for acute stress and anxiety
  • Heart rate variability training to enhance life rhythms and adaptability 
  • Health improvement
  • Improved physical, emotional, mental and social health
  • Stress and anxiety reduction, improvement of mood 
  • Improved emotion regulation 
  • Improved performance under duress 
  • Improved sleep (increased deep sleep & REM sleep)
  • Change your beliefs, thoughts, emotional responses and behaviour  
  • Identify and achieve your personal, professional and personal development goals 
  • Implement your goals successfully  
  • Workshop with two facilitators for up to 12 particpants 
  • Three session of three hours each, one and two weeks apart 
  • Plenum and small group work 
  • Workshops will take place on Zoom
Training material: 
  • Course material 
  • Meditation Manual
  • Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation Manual
  • Guided meditation recording (training tool)
  • Breath pacer (training tool)

Through instructions and guided meditation you will learn to develop profound relaxation, focus and trance skills for improvement and maintenance of good physical and emotional health.

After a few weeks of 20 minutes daily practice you will be able to access a profound meditative activity, deep relaxation, high focused attention and profound trance.

You will also be able to enter at any time and at will into an energising state of engagement, and flow, when under pressure.

On a physiological level you may see the following changes:

Deep Trance Meditation (DTM):

activates your parasympathetic nervous system through deep relaxation. This can help to reduce chronic inflammation, chronic pain perception, and will improves depth of sleep. 

Due to the profound depth of relaxation, physiological changes can be achieved that are more far reaching than in mindfulness meditation or Coherence Training.  

Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation (RFB)

activates both, sympathetic (alert, mobile and competing) and parasympathetic nervous system (recover, tending and befriending) and brings their activity into rhythm and balance. This helps to access and maintain flow state and peak performance under pressure. 

On an emotional level you may see the following changes:

Deep Trance Meditation (DTM):

may reduce negative stress, anxiety, anger, irritability and can lift mood and promote health and productivity. It allows us to stay calm, composed, vigilant and optimally responsive when challenged. 

Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation (RFB): 

optimises emotion regulation and helps maintain health and best performance under duress. 

Profound trance combined with strong suggestions

can help to change beliefs, thought patterns, emotional responses and unhelpful behaviours. This can bring about profound change of self and life, and can improve productivity, creativity and performance. 

It assists you in finding your life's purpose and harmonic goals for personal and professional development and assists you in successfully implementing them.Trance states can also be used for self- development and to access spiritual experiences.

Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation (RFB)

helps to reduce stress, anxiety and to improve mood, and to make good judgements, decisions and take constructive actions.  

The training is three sessions, which will be 2 weeks apart. The duration of each session is 3 hours.

You will be introduced to: 

  • Neuroscience and psychology of deep relaxation, breath work, meditation and hypnotic trance 
  • Goal alignment, action planning and creative visualisation 
  • Deep Trance Meditation (DTM)
  • Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation (RFBM)

You will learn how to acknowledge the different stages of hypnotic trance and how to achieve them through meditation, self- hypnosis, and conditioning.

You will have access to course material and our workshop manual.

And you will be able to practice with the Trance Meditation recording (MP3) and the Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation with the Breath Pacer.

You will be able to exchange experiences in small groups. 

There will be up to  12 participants in the group. .

Cost for the training: £ 200 (Three 3-hour sessions).

Apply for workshop participation by emailing us via the 'Contact Us' form on this website. 

Deep Trance Meditation Introduction:

  • Relaxation, Focussed Attention and Trance
  • Deep Trance Meditation Script 
  • Waking Instructions 
  • Depth of Trance and Strength of Instructions

Dr Peter Gruenewald, MD

Workshop Facilitator - Medical Doctor

Gaylin Tudhope BA Psych; MSC LCD

Workshop Facilitator Psychotherapist

Workshop (by invitation only)

Three part workshop. Facilitator: Dr Peter Gruenewald. Dates: 10th December 22; 17th December 22; 7th January 23. Time: 4 pm - 7 pm (UK time)

  • Date: 10/12/2022 04:00 PM - 07/01/2023 07:00 PM
  • Location Online Event

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 I wanted to thank you, Dr Gruenewald - my daily practice of the Deep Trance Meditation has changed my life! For 9 weeks, I have completed it each morning upon waking (before the family gets up!). It has meant that I start my day in the right mindset - calm, focused, and ready to take on all the challenges of the day from the get go. It has most notably improved my patience with the children, as well as allowing me to be more present with them at any given time. I am more level headed and calm when it comes to negotiating my way through a day. I now crave my morning moment of self care, and if for whatever reason I am unable to complete it, I can notice a marked difference in the way that I 'show up' during the day. Thank you for helping me to form this much loved new daily habit. 

Sammy ScottIntegrative Nutrition Health Coach

 A huge thank you to Dr Gruenewald for this gift of a meditation. I have been practicing Deep Trance Meditation nightly for over a month, and have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep compared to before. I have also noticed that the following day I am in a much better mood, more energised and more likely to commit to plans. Moreover, I truly appreciate that committing to this meditation has made me take some time in the day to show up for myself. 

Newsha Hajiloo

 'I would like to thank Dr. Gruenewald. I have found his deep trance meditation practice hugely restorative and very beneficial for my mind, body and sleep. I emerge from a 30-minute practice feeling deeply rested, with greater clarity of mind. My sleep has improved - the practice stops me from waking in the early hours of the night. On one occasion, I had a very bad back, which was not being relieved by anything, including painkillers - on listening to one of Dr Gruenewald's recordings, I felt my back pain lift and completely clear. I stood up from the mediation session pain free. It was astounding! It felt like my nervous system re-set, which allowed the muscles of my back to relax. The benefits have had long lasting effects. I would highly recommend Dr Grunewalds' deep trance meditation training programme and look forward to continuing working with him. Thank you!' 

Annie KhenianRegistered Osteopath

 Participating in Dr Peter’s workshop was an enormously rewarding experience. He guided us with clarity and warmth through a simple yet profound meditation, helping us to re-connect with the depth of our being, a place of peace and strength. After each session I felt refreshed, energised and ready to meet life with positivity and hope. This experience is replicated each time I practice this meditation and has become a source of calm and creativity both in my personal and professional life. 

Raz LevyManaging Director, Nutley Hall.

 I’ve been practicing Deep Trance Meditation for about 6 months. For me it is so far the best technique I’ve ever tried. Within a few weeks I’ve started to see improvements of my sleep, mood, memory and control over my thoughts and feelings. I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to find peace, wisdom and truth in world that is filled with negativity. 

Rogerio da SilvaHair Stylist

 To maintain my personal balance and well-being in terms of mental and physical strength, I practice Peter’s and Gaylin's meditations daily. These meditations give me the power and mental strength I need for my job. I can only recommend this to anyone who experiences challenges in daily life. After each meditation I feel reborn; positive, energetic, and happy feelings and thoughts accompany me throughout the day. 

Bea FuchsManaging Director of a communications company

 Dr Gruenewald guides us into a beautiful nourishing and life enhancing sanctuary where our potential is patiently waiting for us to grow into. This guided meditation brings real relief from mental struggles. He brings it accessibly and gently and warmly supports us into an achievable daily practice. Dr Gruenewald is enabling us to pave our way towards good health on all levels independently. 

Monica Winterfeldt