Create harmonic goals for yourself and others


Call on your and other's Higher Self to manifest your harmonic goals and co-create your destiny


Enhance your creative manifestation power through utilising a deep meditative state


Manifest harmonic life goals for yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, communities, humanity and nature


Develop inner freedom, selfless love, and mastery of life


Develop and maintain deep and recuperating sleep, health, youthfulness, and longevity


Use the guided 'Mastery of Life Meditation' and read the book 'Mastering Life'

Rosicrucian and Magical Techniques to Achieve your Life's Goals 

How can we best achieve our personal goals – not just to benefit ourselves but also our loved ones and wider communities? Mastering Life introduces comprehensive and effective methods to transform the self, enhanced by the meditative use of magical symbols and sacred words. These help us identify our aspirations, combining goal contemplation, visualization and meditation techniques. Through these processes, we can gain control over spiritual forces that work within our destiny, attracting favourable outer circumstances in our everyday lives.

Dr Gruenewald offers a set a practical tools:
· A spiritual symbol and mantra for meditation that can enhance our capacity to manifest harmonic goals.
· Contemplation – courageous conversation with our resourceful self – to enrich imagination and willpower.
· Resilience building techniques, active listening, mindful nature observation and transformation of negative emotions.
· Harmonization of our goals with the developmental needs of others, in freedom and love.
· Contemplative work with the initiatory Temple Legend narrative (featured in the book).

In this accessible handbook, the author shows how we can call upon the assistance of spiritual beings and masters who serve the development of humanity – including Christian Rosenkreuz, whose pupils have long used magical symbols and verses for meditative and ritualistic work.

'Mastering Life' will be published in Clairview Books on 17th October 2022. 
21.5 x 13.5 cm. paperback. £11.99. ISBN 978 1 912992 42 3.

Download the guided 'Mastery of Life' meditation as MP3 audio file and/or as script, and the Manual in the 'Download' Section


About  Practicing the guided 'Mastery of Life Meditation'

  • Guided meditation for personal and spiritual development, health, and success 
  • Training profound meditation skills through accessing creative deep trance 
  • How it works and what it can do for you
  • Brainwave entrainment at Sub Delta (Epsilon) 0.1 Hz to help regulating the Default Mode Network of the brain assists in time travelling (processing past - imagining future)
  • Fractioning to deepen meditation 
  • Symbol to access deep mediative states 
  • Symbol to facilitate goal selection, alignment and success 
  • Some problems you may face, whilst meditating and how to deal with them
  • Meditation as service to humanity
  • Supplementary exercises to help developing skills for more effective meditation, magical practice, personal and spiritual development, goal alignment and goal achievement and social skills
  • How often should I mediate and for how long?


Read and/or download the article 'About the Guided Mastery of Life Meditation' in the Manual here: 

Download Guided Meditation (MP3 & PDF)

Mastery of Life Meditation 

Guided meditation by Peter Gruenewald

Learn how to shape and successfully manifest your harmonic life goals and co-create your destiny in collaboration with your 'Higher Self'

How you can benefit and how it works: see 'Benefits' and 'About' section 

To deepen your understanding about harmonic gaols and their magic manifestation read the sections "Abundance' or read the book: 'Mastering Life' 

Download the guided 'Mastery of Life' meditation and 'Blissful Sleep' (MP3s) and scripts (PDFs) here:

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Take extra caution if you have a cardiac pace maker as the lowering of the heart rate as a result of physical relaxation may activate it. 

For best effect, do not meditate for at least for 1 hour after eating. 

Tau Cross wit Sun
 'I am the Alpha and the Omega'

Abundant Life: Co-create Your Destiny 

Choose, love and manifest your goals through connecting with the two sources of abundance

Becoming increasingly capable to change the trajectory of our own lives, the lives of others and the life of our planet, comes with an increasing responsibility to extend our awareness, our love, and our desire beyond ourselves to let our growing insights, our care, love and compassion and our deeds serve an ever-growing circle of people. In this process we may embrace not just single people, groups, and humanity, and the life of our planet.

Growing power without growing global responsibility may easily lead to corruption and ultimately to destruction.

The saying: “Be careful what you wish for,” has an even deeper meaning, considering the growth in will power through inner techniques (NLP, hypnosis) and outer technology.

The article attached will explore the following questions:

How can we apply the “law of attraction” in an ethical and sustainable way, that helps ourselves, others, and nature, and prevents us from potentially or actually causing harm?  

What does abundant life mean for us and for the world?

What are the sources of abundant life within us and within the world and how can we tap into them?

What are harmonic goals and how can I effectively and speedily manifest them into reality?

What are the practical steps

  • to consciously and purposefully co-create destiny with our and other people's 'Higher Self'?
  • to shape our harmonic goals in alignment with our, others and nature's needs and destination?
  • to create wise, loving and highly effective actions?
  • to transform ourselves and our life's through wisdom, beauty and power as manifestations of 'inner abundance'?
  • to develop inner freedom, selfless love and mastery of life?
  • to invite benevolent spiritual beings in to assist us in the realisation of our harmonic goals?
  • to attract a favourable life- circumstances as a manifestation of 'outer abundance'?

Read the book "Mastering Life." and/or read or download the article 'Abundant Life: Co-create Your Destiny'

Read and/or download the article 'Abundant Life: Co-create Your Destiny' in the Manual below:

Peter Gruenewald

Peter is an internationally recognized expert in the field of adaptive resilience, stress, and performance.
Peter works as an Honorary Clinical Specialist in Sleep Medicine and General Medicine for the University College London Hospital (Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine) and in private practice (London).
He is an Associate Fellow at Said Business School, Oxford University, where he conducts Adaptive Leadership Resilience workshops for senior civil servants and major project leaders of the Cabinet Office.
He also provides workshops and trainings for senior civil servants and lawyers at the United Nations.
Peter is the author of the books: