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Realize your True Potential

This short guide to Self Leadership will help you on your path to:

  • improving your health, 

  • building your resilience, and

  • developing excellence,

  • success and peak experiences.

You will be introduced to highly effective and easy to practice techniques that are founded in

  • neuroscience,

  • mindfulness,

  • self- hypnosis,

  • coherence training and

  • positive and motivational psychology

What you gain:Deep relaxationEnergyDeep states of sleepStay focusedReduce negative stress, irritability, anxiety and improve moodMaintain peak performance even under pressure.

How this happens:Through Self - Hypnosis techniquesCoherence Breathing meditationGoal setting and planningActive listeningMindful Nature Observation (MNO).

The book can be complemented by the audio- instructions and an audio breath pacer that can be purchased on our website.The authors, Gaylin Tudhope, a psychologist and psychotherapist, and Peter Gruenewald, a medical doctor and adaptive resilience trainer, are experienced 

The book can be purchased as paperback and eBook on Amazon:

Paperback : Amazon UK

eBook (Kindle): Amazon UK

Paperback: Amazon US

eBook (Kindle): Amazon US

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