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The Mastering of Life® Training programme

This training programme will help you on your path to of improving your health, building your resilience, and developing excellence, success, and peak experiences. 

You will be introduced to highly effective and easy to practice techniques that are founded in neuroscience, mindfulness, self- hypnosis, coherence breathing training, positive and motivational psychology. 

The training programme also helps to access regenerative states of deep relaxation and restoration that may improve the duration and quality of your sleep. It also provides you with techniques to enhance your capacity to stay engaged and enhance and maintain sustainable peak performance, even under duress. 

The training programme utilises: A self- hypnosis technique, a coherence breathing meditation, goal setting and action planning, active listening, and a mindful nature observation technique. 

The techniques are complemented by audio- instructions and an audio breath pacer that can be purchased on our website. 

"This course has had a profound and immediate impact on my life"

In three 2-hour online workshops (Zoom), you will learn:

  • How to meditate and deeply relax to strengthen and protect your health

  • Reduce stress, and anxiety and improve mood, even under pressure

  • Initiate, access, and utilize deep trance states for self-hypnosis, change work, and goal achievement

  • Develop equanimity, gratitude, and confidence for happiness and success

  • Improve relationships with others and with nature

  • Align your higher Self with your conscious and subconscious life to facilitate peak experiences during meditation and in daily life

Annie Khenian - Registered Osteopath

"I would like to thank Dr. Gruenewald. I have found his deep trance meditation practice hugely restorative and very beneficial for my mind, body and sleep. The benefits have had long lasting effects."
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Through this 3-day workshop (2 hours each), you will learn to develop profound relaxation, focus, and trance skills for improved physical and emotional health. Through instruction and guided meditation from our expert facilitators consisting of 6 hrs contact time you will be introduced to: 

  • Neuroscience and psychology of deep relaxation, breath work, meditation and hypnotic trance 

  • Goal alignment, action planning and creative visualisation 

  • Deep Trance Meditation (DTM)

  • Resonance Frequency Breathing Meditation (RFBM)

Everybody can achieve deep relaxation and deep trance with practice and patience. During deep trance, part of the brain is active and alert, allowing instructions to be consciously received and processed.

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